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PCB considering plans to tour England/New Test ‘home’

The Pakistan Cricket Board have announced that they are considering an offer form the ECB to tour England in 2010 and 2011. PCB Chairman Ejaz Butt revealed that ECB chairman, Giles Clarke has offered them a tour which will include 3 tests, 5 ODIs and twenty20 games. The matches are however outside the ICC’s Future touring programme and so further discussions will take place.

“Those matches are outside FTP, so we will hold more negotiations with the ECB.” – PCB chairman Ejaz Butt.

Ejaz Butt also announced that the PCB are considering an offer from the ECB to play their ‘home’ test matches in England. With the ongoing security concerns in Pakistan, teams are reluctant to tour Pakistan. Austrlia recently cancelled a tour to Pakistan because of security concerns, this is something the PCB want to stop because it limits their test playing opportunities and they miss out on the finance they would have secured.

“I had some positive discussions with Giles Clarke during the ICC meeting last week. And he said when we play our matches offshore, why not in England. They are offering us good terms and conditions. They are willing to share 50% of revenues. He (Giles Clarke) feels the large Asian community in the UK will welcome matches, particularly in Leeds and Manchester”.
– PCB Chairman Ejaz Butt

They have already agreed a deal to play all ‘home’ ODI matches at the new dubai sports city. The deal looks likely to happen and would be a huge boost for Pakistan who are currently short of matches in the Test areana, and as a result are sliding down the rankings.


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Pietersen warns side ahead of Stanford Series

Kevin Pietersen has warned his side ahead of the Stanford Series. WIth all the talk this month about the current global ecomonic crisis, Pietersen is well aware of the affects it is having. He has warned his side not to celebrate the victory as this is a sign of disrespect.

“I’ve got friends who are struggling, really struggling – people who’ve lost their jobs. There’s no way I want anyone carrying on like a clown, win or lose. I’ll be angry if stuff does happen. The game has come at a really difficult time, and I 100% respect that. There won’t be nonsense happening in and around or after the match.”
– Kevin Pietersen, who confirmed that he will give share of winnings to charity.

Pietersen also reiterated that the Stanford series will be used as preparation for a tough winter tour to India.

“The message is simple and load and clear from my point of view, which is that this trip is preparation for the series in India. The Stanford game will be highly-pressured situation, as highly-pressured as playing India, or Australia. So it’ll be a reality check for the guys on how they deal with pressure”.

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Look ahead to the Stanford Super Series


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Waqar Younis gets academy pace bowling role

Pakistan fast bowling legend Waqar Younis has been given the role of coaching England’s academy side on the tour to India. The former Pakistani fast bowler is famous for his lightning fast deliveries and his ability to generate reverse swing. His experience in the subcontinent is also a large part in the decision to appoint Younis. He is now likely to join Mushtaq Ahmed who has been offered the chance to coach the spinners. 

“They asked me if I could accompany the academy team on tour and work with the young bowlers. They felt that with my experience of subcontinent pitches and having played in India, I would be able to play a part in developing them.”
– A Delighted Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis will be working with Tim Bresnan, Mark Davies, Robbie Joseph, Amjad Khan, Sajid Mahmood and Liam Plunkett, over the winter. It is likely that Younis will not be offered a role with the senior team because that role is currently being occupied by Ottis Gibson.

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England to use Umpire Appeals for the first time

The England tour of the West Indies has been identified by the ICC as one of 3 test series to trial the review system next year. The review system allows batsmen and bowlers to challenge a umpire decision. Both teams are only allowed 3 appeals per innings, with a successful appeal meaning that they maintain that appeal. The appeals will be sent to a television umpire who tells his on field colleague his decision.

The review system was originally planned to take place during the England vs South Africa test series but was cancelled. It was used successfully in a recent Sri Lanka vs India test series, but mad mixed opinions between players, coaches and the media.

The other test series to trial the system will be, New Zealand vs West Indies, India vs Pakistan and South Africa vs Australia.

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Sri Lanka tour to England in serious doubt

Sri Lanka’s tour to England in the summer looks over after the Sri Lanka Cricketers’ Association finalised a $70 million proposal that will mean the SLC will have to have full participation in the IPL and the Champions League. The proposal will be presented to the Board of Control of Cricket India (BCCI). The 10 year deal suggests that SLC must release all their players for the IPL and Champions league.


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England could face second string Sri Lanka side


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